The cave complexes that make up David Gareja are famous around the world for their originality and rarity. There are hundreds of caves that are part of the David Gareja Monastery, all built into the cliffs found here. There are churches, monastic cells, storage areas, rooms and more in the 14 total monastic ensembles, each of which was built at a different time. David’s Monastery, Mokhatuli, Tsamebuli, Natlismtsemeli, and Dodos Rka are just some of the complexes built into the cliffs, 25 km (15 miles) along the picturesque Gareja Ridge. The history of the complex dates back to the first half of the 6th century, when the 13 Assyrian Fathers arrived in Georgia. These monks came to Georgia to strengthen Christianity in the region, and are credited with founding many monasteries. One of the fathers was David, who founded the first monastery of the ensemble, David’s Monastery, in a natural cave. His students Dodo and Lukian founded an additional two monasteries, Dodos Rka and Natlismtsemeli.