Gergeti Trinity Church  is a popular name for the Holy Trinity Church near the village of Gergeti outside the town of Stepantsminda in north-eastern Georgia. The church is situated on the right bank of the river Chkheri (the left tributary of the river Terek) close to Georgia’s 3rd highest mountain, Mt. Kazbegi. Built in the 14th century, its isolated location on top of a steep mountain surrounded by the vastness of nature has made it a symbol for Georgia.
The church provides stunning views of Mount Kazbeki, the third highest mountain in Georgia (after Mount Shkhara and Janga). The name in Georgian, Mkinvartsveri, translates to “glacier” or “Ice Mountain”. Mount Kazbek is associated in Georgian folklore with Amirani , the Georgian version of Prometheus, who was chained on the mountain in punishment for having stolen fire from the gods and having given it to mortals.