List of Akhaltsikhe sights can be extended with other monuments located in the city vicinity. There is a monastery Sapara 10km away from the Akhaltsikhe centre. Bit further away there are Kokhta fortress and Shoreti monastery. In 30km to the west there are Abastumani observatory and Atskuri fortress located. There are many interesting places to see and learn, and there is a well-known cave city Vardziya only 60km away from Akhaltsikhe.

Thus, passing by Akhaltsikhe, don’t underestimate this town thinking it is small and quiet village with the only attraction. Akhaltsikhe is a gem that has only recently got in the line of the jewels of Georgian cities.

Rabati Fortress
Cave city Vardzia

Safara monastery
Khertvisi Fortress
Abastumani, Observetory
Zarzma church