Batumi Dolphinarium  opened in 1975. At the time it was the first dolphinarium in the whole of the Soviet Union.  Its facilities were upgraded in 2011. New pools, water filtration and temperature systems were installed and seating capacity increased to 700 spectators. 
    The Dolphinarium is home to 8 Bottlenose Dolphins (called Zoro, Maya, Monica, Tsitsi, Flipper, Marco, and the little ones – Nini and Kviria) and several California Sea Lions. 
The dolphins perform dances, play with rings and balls, and balance on their tails.    Visitors also have an opportunity to swim with the dolphins. 
    Tickets: day show 12 Lari, evening show 16 Lari. Swimming with dolphins. Rates: 3-12 years – 60 Lari, 12-18 years – 100 Lari, adults 150 Lari.