East of Tbilisi is the Kakhetia wine region and definitely worth visiting to sample, Saperavi, Mukhuzani and other famous Georgian wines. The walled town of Signaghi, called “The City of Love” by Georgians has been recently renovated, arguably a little too enthusiastically, yet it is still a beautiful town in a superb location on a hilltop overlooking the Alazani Valley and Main Caucasus range beyond. It is the most charming of all Kakhetian cities, with a relaxed, romantic atmosphere. Telavi lies in the middle of the region, so it is good point to start your wine tour. Several estates including Tsinandali and Pheasants Tears offer tours that include wine tasting. The big producers are by no means your only options to sample Georgian wines as virtually every household makes its own, much (though not all) of it excellent.

Bodbe Monastery
Signaghi – city of love




David Gareji
Georgian Wine